Your Easy Coaching Website


Your web presence shouldn’t cost a fortune to set up . . . or to update. In fact, it should be EASY to update and maintain.

Let’s face the facts . . . a beautiful web site that you can’t update won’t do your business any good at all.

When the search engines crawl the web, they LOVE fresh, new content, which is why blogs have become so popular.

Should I have a blog or a website or both?

My students often ask why they need a web site when you can have a blog that is EASY to update, and looks like a traditional website . . . and that was the beginning of Your Easy Web.

Your Easy Web has made it easy to have a blog that looks like a traditional website.

With it’s own pages and “blog” section . . . it can be hard to tell the difference.

Of course, a blog IS an easily updateable website. And your visitors won’t care which “platform” you use. So the difference is in the functionality.

There are 3 BIG advantages of using a blog-style site and scrapping traditional websites. OK, OK, you don’t have to scrap it — you can let it sit there and look pretty if you want.

But we want to make sure people can find you.

3 BIG advantages of Your Easy Web over a traditional website

1. Blog-style websites have built-in editing software. So once it is set up, you don’t need special software to change something on your pages. It’s VERY easy to use.

2. Blogs are search-engine friendly. Google LOVES blogs, which is why you find so many of them when you search for information. Blogs get indexed FAR more quickly than traditional websites.

3. Easy Organization. When you add something to Your Easy Web, everything gets organized and categorized for you. It makes everything easy to find — like an awesome filing system online. You (and your visitors) can easily find whatever you/they are looking for.

Your Easy Web will have regular pages just like a traditional website, which cover the basics. Who you are, what products/services you provide, etc. These static pages are available all the time. The best part is, these static pages are as easy to create and update as blogging!

Pinch yourself! This really is the answer you’ve been seeking.

Here’s what other coaches have to say about using Easy Coaching Websites

“I’ve learned more in 1 month than the thousands of dollars I spent being ‘trained’ by other internet gurus, both through individual coaching and home study courses that I have taken. My blog site is up and running faster, easier and cheaper that any other company I have used.”

Sheryl Stanton R.N.
Stress Relief Coach.

“Carol makes website life really easy for you . . she gives you the tools, the “how to’s” in clear language and the support you need to launch a first-class presence on the web. Save yourself a lot of time and money and sign-up for YOUR very own Easy Coaching Website!”

Margaret Wilkinson, Ph.D

“We are so grateful to Carol for introducing us to Easy Coaching Websites. The ongoing prompt and cheerful responses to our questions as well as her invaluable assistance in helping us set up the website have made the whole process relatively stress-free and well worth the very reasonable cost.”

Lynne and Josh Berrett

“Having an Easy Coaching Website has been wonderful! I have been able to update my services, testimonials, and bio page myself without paying a web designer. I highly recommend this service for its ease of use and tremendous value!

Chris Coward

“Easy Coaching Websites offers a wealth of marketing wisdom and make blogging easy and doable in a very short time. They answer my questions quickly and I can even understand the answers too!

Stephanie Eldringhoff

“It was a joy to work with you – Easy Coaching Websites have allowed me to put my time into writing where it belongs.”

Blessings, Melissa McCutcheon

“Easy Coaching Website service is the best I’ve found and I wish I’d signed up from the very first instead of putting time and money into another option. EasyCoaching, I think, is the place to start.

Robert Hill, Brisbane, Australia

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